BC Kings

BC Kings 1.0.0

Strategy game about prehistoric times

BC Kings is an awesome game that takes place during the prehistoric age. During this period, two races fought against each other for domination and world rule. BC Kings is a real time strategy game where the endless battle is humans vs. mutants. Gather resources and train your own army to defeat your enemies. This is similar to most other strategy games, but there's a twist. You also have to solve role playing sections and adventure stages. BC Kings relates the story of Mradin, a brave hero, and his friend Giesnik. You will have to complete your main objectives, as well as many secondary quests throughout the game. When you successfully complete different stages, you'll receive money that you can use toward upgrading your main characters. Every mission has different maps that help you to keep moving forward. Building your empire and creating the army is just the beginning, you will also need to collect special items and solve puzzles. BC Kings will be a fantastic addition to your game collection.

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